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How to turn 2000 Ulta points and into $550 in free merchandise using Ulta’s Ultamate Points Reward Program

Ulta’s Ultamate Points Reward Program
Including Ulta Mastercard program

 (disclaimer, Ulta may change their program at any time w/o notice, blog entry is from personal experience, period. Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with Ulta, examples are from personal shopping experiences.)

Sign up for Ultamate rewards at Ulta’s website ( or in-store.

If you do the majority of your shopping online, sign up for Ebates first, go though ebates every time you shop at Ulta so you may stack rebates on top of points earned at Ulta. 

To attain maximum benefit from Ultamate Rewards wait until 2,000 points are accrued, as the monetary value escalates:

100 points have a value of $3.00
250 points have a value of $8.00
500 points have a value of $17.50
750 points have a value of $30.00
1000 points have a value of $50.00
2000 points have a value of $125.00!! 
Maximum value is at the 2000 points mark.
  1. Points may be used in combination with other discounts and offers.
  2. Earn points on salon services but cannot redeem points for salon service.
  3. Reach Platinum by spending $450.
  4. Earn points 25% faster ($1 spent = 1.25 points).
  5. Once you hit the magic 2000 ($125) use them all in one  purchased for maximum value!
  6. Extra birthday gift, Exclusive offers and double points in your birthday month.
Points are received for products
as well as salon services.

How It Works:

Members are rewarded with exclusive offers via email and/or mail.  The program is free!  When shopping at Ulta, give the sales clerk your rewards member ID or telephone number at checkout.

Online, be sure your Ultamate Rewards ID number shows on your “My Account” page at (please find specifics below-mentioned)

Double check that you’re logged into your rewards account before checking out and before the final payment step you will see the amount of points you will receive with your purchase!  One point is accrued for every dollar sent and Platinum members receive 1.25 points for every dollar spent.
To get to the magic 2000 points quicker check daily for special offers such as 3X, 5X points. ie:

5X Points - Ultra Chi Titanium    7/31/16 - 8/6/16
Earn 5X points on Ultra Chi Titanium purchases!
5X Points - bareMinerals    7/22/16 - 8/6/16
Earn 5X points on all bareMinerals purchases!
Platinum Members receive 
10X points once yearly 
for Platinum Member Appreciation Day, 
usually toward the end of August. 

Maximize buying power by taking advantage of Beauty Breaks on Wednesdays as ♥generous gifts with purchase are offered .

Detailed Information

Get Rolling
1.    Sales associates may sign you up.  It’s quick!
2.   Provide your full name, address, phone, email and birth date. 
1.  Go to, Click "Sign in" on the top of the Ulta’s home page. Click "Create an Account". Follow the steps to create an online account and join our Rewards program.
2.   Using the user name and password you just created, go to Log in to your account, and start shopping!

Rewards Program Membership Levels:

1.  Once joined you are at level one, earning one point for every dollar spent, with the exception of special offers for 3x, 5x points etc.
2.  Once $450 is spent in a calendar year, you are upgraded to Platinum!

a. More exclusive offers and events.  (Goodies, Goodies, Goodies)
b. Bonus points (so you can buy more Goodies, Goodies, Goodies)
c.   Earn points 25 percent faster (1.25 points per dollar spent) (so you can buy more Goodies, Goodies, Goodies)
d.   Special birthday gift via email
e. As long as you maintain your status your points do not expire!
f.   Your rewards card and number remain the same when you reach Platinum
g.  Platinum membership status remains through December 31 of the following year and you must re-qualify each year.
h.   Re-qualification is Jan 1 through December 31.

Program Enrollment Requirements:
3.   At least 13 years of age
a.   Household specifics
                                              i.     Every family member may have a unique membership, however, they may not be combined.

Receiving Credit For Purchases & Using Points

4.   Oops I forgot my card.
a.   No worries, you can enter your receipt online or give the sales clerk your phone number to look up your account. 
                                              i.     HACK:  Be careful that not more than one family member is using the same telephone number or your points, emails, offers, etc. may not be going into your account.
5.   Where are my points?
a.   Sign into your account, click my rewards and you may view your points!
b.  Each month you will receive an email statement, which includes your points and other account information.
c.   In-store your points balance will show at the bottom of your receipt.
6.   Sweet Redemption
a.   Points may be redeemed in-store or online at checkout.
b.  In store tell the associate how many points you wish to apply to your purchase, they usually ask in advance BUT
c.   HACK:  Caution  To receive maximum value do NOT use any points until you reach the magic 2000 ($125) and use them all at the same time or lose value.
                                              i.     Example:  You have the magic 2000 points, checkout in-store and use $50 (1000 of the 2000 points) so you have 1000 points remaining? Yes. Have $75 value remaining, NO! Instead of having $75 in value remaining you only have $50 in value (see chart below), thus, $25 is lost.
                                            ii.     Chart review:
100 points have a value of $3.00
250 points have a value of $8.00
500 points have a value of $17.50
750 points have a value of $30.00
1000 points have a value of $50.00
2000 points have a value of $125.00!! SWEET SPOT
Maximum value is at the 2000 points mark.

7.   Stacking
a.   Points may be used in conjunction with most special offers, discounts and coupons.
                                              i.     Hack: While points may be stacked as above-mentioned ULTA specific coupons for ULTA products tend to have exceptions and these exceptions apparently change from one clerk to the next.
1.   Example:  Ulta Pump Up The Volume Kit, styling kits, etc. are kits from Ulta, with Ulta’s brand on the front of the box, but contain items that are not Ulta brand, so, depending on the cashier you may not be allowed to use $5 off $10 ulta coupons.
2. Example:  Most Ulta coupons are unuseable to purchase prestige brands. 
3.   Coupon/sale stacking example:
a.   Ulta CHI Professional Blow Dryer $150 + $50 Silver carryon GWP On Sale $77.50
b.   Ulta free CHI Curling iron with $75 CHI purchase (one per customer)
c.   Wednesday Ulta beauty break free with $60 purchase valued @ $50
d.   Platinum member quarterly GWP (average value $225) with $125 purchase These offers vary, quarterly, this is a guestimate of frequency
e.   Coupon 20% off
f.    Free Shipping orders over $75 online
g.   Buy one for you, one for Christmas gift 77.50x2-20% $124.00
h.   You have 2000 points (the magic $125)
i.     Use 2000 points
j.     Check out
k.   Pick free samples
l.     Final price -0- shipped!
Loot = 2 Chi blow dryers irons
2 free Silver Chi Carryon
1 free Chi Curling Iron
Beauty Break Goodie Bag worth $50
Platinum goodie bag worth $225
Free shipping

For a total savings of
2 x $150- 77.50 e       (2x-72.50 off $150.00) Savings of:
20% $155.00            $31.00
2 Free Carry On       $100.00
Free Beauty Break      $50.00
Free        Quarterly
Platinum Member
GWP                           $225.00
Total Savings  $551.00
Oop             0 dollars
Oop             2000 points
Plus free samples
Plus free shipping             

8.    Stacking Points with Ultamate Mastercard

a.   Earn one extra point for every dollar spent at Ulta Beauty (DOUBLE BASE POINTS!)
b.   Earn one extra point for every three dollars spent outside Ulta Beauty
c.   Earn 500 extra points when you spend $500 in the first ninety days
d.   No annual fee
e.   Annual percentage rate
                                              i.     HACK:  The annual percentage rate is high!!!! This is a card I’d only use for the points and pay off before interest hits !
                                            ii.     Point “Stacking” Example
1.   Purchase 4 $100 Pallets special for $50 each @ 10X points
2.   $200 X 10 points  = 2000 points
3.   Go through Ebates and earn 3% (6% on double days) to build that separate little nest egg
4.   Use Ulta CC and earn 200 points

5.   Platinum member earn additional .25 x 200 = 50 pts
a.   2000 points earns $125
b.   cc earned an additional 200 points
c.   Platinum earned an additional 50 points
d. $200 spent, you receive merchandise ordered, 2000 points which is $125 to spend, banked an additional 250 points and made at least $6.00 add to your Ebates nest egg
e.   Thus $200 turns into $325 plus extra points plus ebates
9.   Transferability
a.   Points are not transferrable
10.                 Returns
a.   Points used to purchase an items which is later returned are banked back to your rewards account.

Examples are (as of August 2016)

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Starbucks Fakeups! "29 DIY Starbucks Fakeup Hacks That Will Save You Tons Of Cash"

Starbucks Fakeups
29 DIY Starbucks Recipes That Will Save You Tons Of Cash

Courtesy of nutmegnanny

Homemade Starbucks Pink Drink

This homemade Starbucks pink drink gives you all the flavor of the store bought drink without all the cost of a store bought drink. Plus you can customize how much sweetness you desire. You'll love how fresh this drink tastes!
yield: 2-3 DRINKS


in a 2 cup glass measuring cup add unwrapped tea packets. Pour hot water over the packets and let sit until cool. Squeeze out tea packets and toss.
Pour white grape juice into the measuring cup with the tea.
Fill a glass with ice and add about 1 cup of the tea/grape juice mixture. Top off with the desired amount of coconut milk.
Add in sliced strawberries and add in sweetener if desired. -- Courtesy nutmegnanny

For links to the other 28 Starbucks fake-ups please click 29 DIY Starbucks Recipes

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Lifehacker: Best time to buy anything during the year

Lifehacker:  Best time to buy anything during the year

And if you can buy it online, get paid for shopping as well through Ebates, merely click Ebates and you may sign up in less than a hot minute!

Photo Credit:  Lifehacker

How Ebates works: EASY EASY EASY, get paid for shopping, receive tons of free coupons $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

How Ebates Works
Ebates "big Fat Checks"

Easy Easy Easy 

Simply CLICK here: Ebates to sign up for free and start earning. There is no cost to you involved.  

Piggy earning cash back all the way home


1) Its entirely free:  Simply go to ebates to sign up and start shopping, its as easy as that.
2) Browse and shop at more than 1700 affiliated online stores. Shopping Ebates nets users cash back rebates (as high as 40%) from 1700 major retailers.
3) Browse online stores from the Ebates partner list.  Each store lists its cash back percentage for shoppers, averaging approximately 3%-14% and look for double cash back opportunities, an example of which is below-listed!.   Shop at the store and get cash back, at the end of each quarter get your big FAT check!

  • Browse online stores from the Ebates partner list. Each store lists a cash back percentage to shoppers. Average cash back is from 4%-12% (we just saved 6% on some personal pampering at The Body Shop).

Ebates is the leader of online cash back shopping, paying members back every time they shop online as well as providing the best free coupons and deals. Since 1998 Ebates has paid over $325 million in cash to members!