Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Solutions

 Excellent website for useful products/coupon saving:

This site has excellent brands inclusive of the power brands we all love  and coupons you may use now!  ie:  Air Wick, Easy Off,  Finish, Glass Plus, Jet Dry, Resolve,  Lysol, Resolve, Woolite, Cling Free, Clearisil, French's, Cattlemen's, Mucinix....   Plus you may sign up for their newsletter inclusive of expert advise, recipes, entertainment tips and product reviews. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beginning Couponing, Lesson 2: Weekly Sales Circulars & Sunday Newspaper Ads

Weekly Sales Circulars & Sunday Newspaper Ads

You may retrieve weekly sales circulars + Sunday Newspaper Advertisements free at the following

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CAT, Catalina Coupons, Coupon Network

From the same people who provide the CAT machines at checkout, you can register your favorite stores for printable coupons and YourBuck offers:
Coupon Network

Catalina Coupon machine:

Restaurant Coupons: Lesson 1, Eat, Drink and Be Savvy @

We have been purchasing gift certificates from for a couple of years now.  While there are not currently hundreds of restaurants in our area signed up for this program we have found that it saves a great deal off the cost of vacation meals at casual - fine dining restaurants.  All it takes is a little extra planning.  A $25 dollar gift certificate typically costs $10, however, if you sign up for their email specials and you will receive deals throughout the year for gift certificates for as low as $2 per certificate....... That is $2 for a $25 dollar gift certificate.  Some restrictions may apply:  (i.e.  a $25 certificate may only be used for a food purchase of $35 - +.... which would make a $35 meal $12 out of pocket, not bad!

You can use their search engine to find participating restaurants, many of which include descriptions and menus and once you have established your account w/ they will keep up with your certificates until you are ready to print and use them.  If there is a problem with a certificate they have a money back guarantee.  So far, we have had no problems using our certificates.  They also have gift cards available you may purchase for friends, family or yourself.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Language of Coupons, Coupon Acronyms / Abbreviations, Lesson 1: Beginning Couponing

  • + Up Rewards:  Coupon prints @ bottom of Rite Aid receipt when customer makes qualifying purchase(s) and may be used for future purchases (time sensitive).
  • $/$$: Coupon good for a certain amount off an item (i.e. $5 off $25 purchase)
  • Blinkie: Coupons accessible from dispensers w/ blinking lights (available in many grocery and pharmacy outlets)
  • BOGO/B1G1:  Buy One Get One Free;  personal favorite :)!!
  • BTFE: Box Tops For Education  
  • BYGX: Buy Y, get X free
  • Catalina or CAT: Coupons which print from machines post purchase
  • CRT: Cash Register Receipt
  • ECB: CVS Extra Care Buck, (Extra Bucks) DATED coupons for $$$ off next purchase; coupon at the end of cash register receipt at CVS (may be used similar to gift card)
  • FAEBC: Free After Extra Care Bucks; an item for which that you earn an equal amount of extra bucks as the amount paid
  • GC: Gift Card
  • GDA:  Good Deal Alert
  • IPC: Internet Printable Coupon
  • IVC: Walgreens instant value coupons (newspaper coupon insert)
  • MFC: Manufacturer's Coupon
  • MIR:  Mail In Rebate
  • MM:  Money Maker; item you pay less for than you receive back in extra bucks
  • OOP: Out of Pocket 
  • OYNO: On your next order
  • PG:  Proctor and Gamble
  • Peelie: Coupons that may be peeled from the front of products
  • RC:  Rain Check
  • REB:  Rolling Extra Buck; using an extra buck on an item that will give you an extra buck
  • RP: Red Plum (Sunday newspaper coupon insert) formally valassis
  • RR: Walgreens Register Rewards, DATED coupons for $$$ off next purchase
  • SS: SmartSource (Sunday newspaper coupon insert)
  • Tear-pad: Coupons available for customers to tear off a display w/i store 
  • WYB: When You Buy
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary; deal or special/difficult/ or limited may not work @ every store or area (could be store, region or manager specific)