Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Restaurant Coupons: Lesson 1, Eat, Drink and Be Savvy @ Restaurant.com

We have been purchasing gift certificates from Restaurant.com for a couple of years now.  While there are not currently hundreds of restaurants in our area signed up for this program we have found that it saves a great deal off the cost of vacation meals at casual - fine dining restaurants.  All it takes is a little extra planning.  A $25 dollar gift certificate typically costs $10, however, if you sign up for their email specials and you will receive deals throughout the year for gift certificates for as low as $2 per certificate....... That is $2 for a $25 dollar gift certificate.  Some restrictions may apply:  (i.e.  a $25 certificate may only be used for a food purchase of $35 - +.... which would make a $35 meal $12 out of pocket, not bad!

You can use their search engine to find participating restaurants, many of which include descriptions and menus and once you have established your account w/ Restaurant.com they will keep up with your certificates until you are ready to print and use them.  If there is a problem with a certificate they have a money back guarantee.  So far, we have had no problems using our certificates.  They also have gift cards available you may purchase for friends, family or yourself.  
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