Friday, March 4, 2011

Alternative Treatment to Expensive Hard Water Dishwasher Treatments

We have very hard water in Middle Tennessee. Due to legislation that went into effect in July
many of the major detergent makers  reformulated their products to reduce the level of phosphates. Legislators  have been in our toilet for years (low flush, etc. now in our dishwashers.  How many legislators do their own dishes; lol.  Essentially less phosphates will be getting into the lakes and rivers (less pollution) (IN THEORY) and the trade off is more will be present on your dishes and glasses for direct consumption by you and your family.... (more kidney stones too?)

Responding to new laws that went into effect in 17 states  July, ( )  many of the nation’s major detergent makers have reformulated their products to reduce the level of phosphates present.  Even if you are not in one of these states do you think the manufacturers are making special formulas just for the remaining states......

We got so much buildup in our NEW dishwasher that it quit working.  The technician said that we would need to use two or three products every time we run the washer and these ultra expensive stand
alone products that may be run through with no dishes.  We are still trying to get all the phosphorus off the heating element as only two our our dishwasher settings work.  This has meant the consumption of 3 - 4X more hot water and the purchase of tons of products.  Yesterday, I got a great tip from a Publix employee..... she told me to put up all the expensive items and buy lemon Kool Aid and run it through w/o dishes w/ hottest setting (I used 5 packets... $1).  IT WORKED!!! I don't know how often we will need to do this to keep the dishwasher working and clean but it worked better than any of the expensive products I've been using.  If you are having similar problems w/ your dishwasher ask the manufacturer if this would be safe for your machine. 
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