Friday, March 4, 2011

WetJet® v. Vinegar & Libman®

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE my wetjet mop.  It gets up dirty messes and is much more effective than the mess made using the old mop and bucket.  I've used it for years, but since I began
couponing in earnest, and added up the cost of my wetjet® + the disposable solution refills + disposable pads and batteries, I realized this is not economical.  I still will use my wetjet from time to time for deep cleaning but have changed to a Libman® mop for everyday use.

I  purchased my Libman® freedom mop @ 40% off from Rite Aid, made it less than $15 and a $5 rebate, plus the reusable pad was included. The pad is washable/reusable, it has a detachable, refillable solution bottle so I can mix my own solution, and needs no batteries.  As the surfaces in my home are all hard except for the closets and need to be mopped at least a couple of times per week my savings are substantial ($8-$12 weekly).

Solution:  I use a few TBS. of distilled white vinegar........... variation several drops scent or lemon juice.  I have a friend who uses vinegar and mild dish soap but I'm afraid that would make the floor slippery.  (Cost: pennies per use) 

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