Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winner..! 2012... #winner on Twitpic

Please pray for this man:

Winner..! 2012... #winner on Twitpic

What is the deal with the show "Two and One Half Men"
Charlie Sheen a/k/a Carlos Irwin Estévez has provided decades of entertainment for millions of fans but now it appears that in his time of need the media is having a field day of his apparent personality change.  Is he having a meltdown?? Whatever is going on with this guy I doubt his lifestyle is more unusual ..... unhealthy.... unorthodox than some other famous people (i.e. want to read a whole lotta' weird, check out:  Sheen is apparently "battling") the difference is that he is letting his freak side hang out and the obvious behavioral change from the more controlled interviews of the past.  As funny as some of the comments he made in recent days, he is still flesh & blood, not merely a brand.  The media loves to build people up and when they hit an apex knock them back down.   How many people boast and play a part for the world when on the inside they are love starved? This guy needs prayer, love, true friends and family.

Update:  Penn's Point:

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