Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Reusable Grocery Bags Contaminated With E. Coli, Other Bacteria"

Politically correct madness; first it was save the environment (trees) so switch from paper grocery bags to plastic, next save the environment from plastic utilizing reusable bags, the problem is the reusable bags may easily & quickly become filthy, destroying the part of the environment that is most near and dear to most people, home & family!! Think food cross contamination, think filthy grocery carts, think how many people, products... germs including fecal and E. Coli bacteria  touch everything around the checkout path where reusable bags are filled.

Who is willing to rewash bags after every shopping trip?  Even Eco-Marxists have to admit that running the washer after every shopping trip uses more energy.  Why is the answer always turning back the clock and living like the good old days and/or the third world where what we call middle age was/is end of life because of contamination and disease.
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