Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cell Phone Service

We have been with Sprint for over a decade. We have an old Free and Clear Family plan and pay about $78/month for three lines. Our problem is that we can't get any of the newer smart phones with this plan and to get a qualifying plan, we have to pay more than double our current monthly rate. We have tried literally for years to work something out to no avail. Recently, my husband cracked the screen on his Touch Pro 2 and so we need to get something done.

Right now we are looking at migrating our phones to the Virgin Mobile prepaid plan ($40/month for 1200 minutes for him and $25/month for 300 minutes for me). We have an early termination fee of $50/line, but if we migrate to either Virgin or Boost mobile, they will credit $50/line so we can move now. We are looking at the LG Optimus V and have read some positive reviews and the negative reviews seem to be explained away for the most part. Right now, the Optimus V is for sale at Best Buy for $199. I know some places have had it on sale at times for as little as $130. We are hoping to find a place that has it on sale and get Best Buy to match. Does anyone have any tricks for smart phones and smart phone service?
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