Friday, May 27, 2011

Stupid People, Stupid Game

Stupid game, stupid people.  There is only one democratic country in the middle east. There is only one Country in the middle east where people from all religious beliefs are welcome.  There is only one Country in the middle east where women have equal rights.  There is only one country in the middle east which is our (the United States) TRUE FRIEND.  There are many glad to sell us oil, but so far as true unwavering friendship, only one. 

Those who want to see the Jewish people pushed into the ocean are Muslim "extremists," communists and Nazi's.  Which of the above-mentioned groups do any of you identify?  Look to the true picture.  The only democratic country in the middle east destroyed will mean an end to stability and then who will take over?  In the end do you think it will be communists rule or reign of a caliph?   Who is using who for what?  Israel is our TRUE FRIEND, Israel is the "shining city on the hill" of the middle east.

The game is the destruction of the lone democratic country in the middle east, clandestine groups willfully & deceitfully regurgitate propaganda against Israel being promulgated by those who wish an end to stability in the middle east for nefarious purposes, deliberately bamboozling the gullible,  politically inexperienced and weak-minded with artificial messages and images which in truth, are anything but what they appear.   The end game is not sovereignty, liberty, self-government, self-determination, self-rule and freedom, the end game is to subdue, restrain, repress, CONTROL....... under one BIG boot......... whose boot do you think that will be? 
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