Friday, July 22, 2011

Beginners With Little Time For Couponing

If you have little time for couponing you may start small by just paying attention to Publix weekly BOGO deals that usually begin on Wednesdays (same as free item day in middle TN).  If you only stock up on these items that would be a nice savings over time..... if it is only $20 a week using zero coupons plus the weekly free item that would be more than 1,000.00 savings in a year.  Nothing to sneeze at.

Couple this savings with their in store coupon brochures and you could add maybe another $10+  a week, now we are over $1,500.00 w/o coupons....... Imagine how your savings will grow if you couple this with coupon stacking (using both a store and manufacturer coupon per item.. as of this writing Publix allows you to do this on both BOGO items!!!!!) .... woohoo..... the savings will pile up rapidly.  Soon you may be hooked! I've couponed all my life, however, for the past 6 months I've been stacking coupons and participating on online blogs, (just began scratch cooking ~~ not every night; lol) etc. and my savings between retail, grocery and drug store is in excess of $1,000 monthly.
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