Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming, is a term coined by social progressive, bohemian Dutch author,  physician and poet, Frederik Willem van Eeden.  Like many of the prominent European a vant garde intellectual elites"  of his time, as great as his insight (for this era) as a physician, his understanding  of the essence of human nature in regard to social compacts/contracts was infantile, a naive Utopian fantasy at best.

Ultimately,  living his fantasy Utopian dream and long held  belief  "Where mankind is, and her woe, there is my path," on Walden, an agricultural colony based on the ideas of Thoreau, his standard of living was reduced as is always the case with collective constructs (except for the puppet master elites).  Interestingly, later in life, he apparently  put his faith in the being higher than the Tachtigers,  "romantic" communists, Dutch Socialist Democratic Party, communists, etc., he ultimately put his faith in God,  joining the the Roman Catholic Church. 

Did  the experiments in socialism and communism crashing around the world with the deaths of millions by Godless totalitarian states  induce this change?  Today is no different in that when people put their faith in and give away our freedom to men,  particularly in constructs which go against human nature such as collectivism, the result is always repression, stagnation and death (more than one hundred million, perhaps one hundred fifty million or more deaths in the 20th century

The "philosopher," who lives from inheritance,  and/or grants, "tax monies," etc. , and/or hides behind ivory towers, who has never raised the sword to protect anyone nor created a job or anything else, who lacks humility, possesses no practical experience,  congratulates and celebrates himself at every turn, raises the glass and  entertains  artists and entertainers, vacations like a King,  while jobs are lost, gas prices have doubled,  and food stamp dependency has become as common fleas, illegal immigration (and the jobs lost that goes along with this illegal activity) runs rampant it seems apparent that the "philosopher" should not be "King." 

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