Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drying Herbs: Tips for Drying Basil

Another great video that I found on youtube this AM; this one is for drying basil. The basil I have draining is making my kitchen smell wonderful. I've spent my life working and in school until 2003, now I want to learn to be a finer scratch cook..... heaven forbid, my liberal professors would have my husband performing all of the domestic chores( domestic diva ...... I think only Freddie can carry off this look ~ however Roger Taylor is a close 2nd and has the perfect school girl look going), hooking a breast thingy ( Breastfeeding "man" ) to nurse and taking my last name. Really I can bake just about anything from homemade pies - wedding cakes and was selling my cakes @ age 13. Now, on to becoming a proficient scratch cook.

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