Sunday, September 25, 2011

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract Gifts (2nd Recipe I've Found)

I found this link @ Kitchen project

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract Gifts  
Steven Block (we are in no way affiliated, just fans)  also has supplies available for purchase

Purchase premium grade vanilla beans and premium vodka.  

2 Cups (16 oz.) vodka (40%?)
Vodka is my preference but you may also use brandy.
6 Vanilla Beans

 Cut the vanilla beans  long way except the last inch. This way the bean remains intact. 

Pour  vodka into  container you will be making your extract in. i.e. Clear quart mason jar.
The darker it gets the stronger the extract is. Timing is not an exact science but at least  8 weeks is recommended. 

Put the cut beans in the vodka and push them down until they are covered.
Cover the vanilla extract and let it sit in a cupboard out of the light.  How long you let it sit is how potent your vanilla extract.

After 8 weeks the vanilla extract has the nice amber color and and you may strain it into small bottles for gifts.  You may put a vanilla bean in each bottle so that the extract will keep gaining in flavor and you may add a little vodka when it is halfway used up will replenish your supply of vanilla. It will dilute it for a while but it will regain strength quickly. 

There are also other amazing recipes @ this website.  Thank you Kitchen Project!!  I'm making several variations until I get my own version that works for my recipes.  Will update blog as I go.

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