Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vanilla Sugar Recipe, Gift

After scraping seeds from vanilla bean, add empty vanilla bean pod to 2 cups sugar. Cover; store at room temperature in container with tight-fitting lid. Vanilla sugar made with vanilla extract or vanilla bean can be used for baking or sprinkled on fresh fruit, yogurt or in tea.

Recipe Tip
Vanilla sugar can be stored after drying in a container with a tight-fitting lid.

Thanks:  Land Of Lakes

Second Method For Vanilla Sugar Gift from My Own Labels

"In an airtight container, combine  sugar (aka “sugar in the raw”) with one or two whole vanilla beans. A good rule to follow here is that you should use one vanilla bean per every two cups of sugar, so if you have a larger jar, adjust your vanilla bean count accordingly.
Let the jar sit for two to three weeks, lightly shaking the contents every couple of days or so. When ready, the sugar will be infused with the essence of vanilla. The vanilla beans can then be removed and reused for other purposes because they will have remained whole and undamaged in the container. She uses this particular type of vanilla sugar in coffee, or to sprinkled over pies and cookies. The sugar crystals are large and defined, so  it works best as a topping, and it gives a nice flavor boost as rimming on cocktail glasses as well."
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