Wednesday, February 29, 2012

STOP STATE DEPARTMENT GIVEAWAY OIL RICH LANDS TO RUSSIA: STOP The Madness Save The Country, Get Out of Debt, Secure Our Country

 See related article  & above-referenced map @World News Tribune


Hey, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, "IS ANYBODY OUT THERE": Send the Cloward-Piven Strategy packing. 

Stop the State Departments giveaway to Russia through a maritime boundary agreement between Alaska and Siberia which appears to place more than a half dozen Alaskan islands on the Russian side giving away perhaps as much as one hundred thousand square miles of oil rich seabeds which could mean billions of barrels of oil, energy independence and JOBS, JOB, JOBS for American Citizens.

In addition, stop China from having the opportunity to steal our oil, technology, violate our copyrights, sell unsafe food and drug products, poison our pets, etc. Stop supporting COMMUNISTS, get Americans back to work, pay back governmental debts to COMMUNISTS and never borrow from them again and get back to an agenda of American prosperity ahead of politically correct idiocracy.

Get out of debt, stay out of debt, secure our boarders, secure the future of our Country.


Update: Oil Rich Alaskan Island Giveaway Update Part II

Obama Giving Oil-Rich Alaskan Islands To Russia

The Gateway Pundit

Monday, February 20, 2012

JC Penny New Pricing: Free Hair Glossing and Deep Conditioning

This weekend is the first time I've been to JC Penny since they changed their pricing policy.  Although I miss the sales, the everyday low price on the first few items I checked are awesome.  My favorite  everyday tees were previously approx. $25,  now $7, and $5 on clearance, but they don't call it clearance anymore.

It will take a few trips to get accustom to the changes.  For now:

A.   "Everyday" low prices (reminiscent of Walmart)
B.   Month long values on certain items and even in the beauty shop
C.   Clearance: Although they don't use that terminology; these items have blue tags and are marked the first and third Friday of every month. 

As far as the salon, one of the specials this month is glossing for existing clients (Free Hair Glossing, Deep Conditioning Treatment or Facial Hair Removal with purchase of a Salon service of $30 or more)  woo hoo, I got partial highlights, hair cut, glossing and deep conditioning and the price was nearly 1/2 of what I usually pay.  Apparently all customers receive free gloss w/ color service this month free glossing @ JC Penny's with Color Purchase

Pricing for the entire store has been changed; so far so good.  Comments appreciated.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Corporate Travel Safety

I guess I'll be harping on travel safety for a while since our below-mentioned unsafe trip.  I found Kevin Coffee's Travel Safety website this afternoon (below-referenced) with more than 130 pages of tips.  Below-listed please find his credentials:  

Author- Active Police Detective - Professional Speaker
President/CEO of Corporate Travel Safety

This will be a long read or pick and choose tips appropriate for your family:
kevin Coffee's Travel Safety Tips

Honestly, I thought myself careful and safe w/ traveling but post last weekend taking a huge emotional and financial hit I'm brushing up before any more travel.  Really, travel is our only real splurge and thieves have put a damper on this, however, I won't sit in my house for the rest of my life because of thugs. 

Family Trip To Gold Strike Casino

Gold Strike Casino Resort 
1010 Casino Center Dr 
Robinsonville, MS 38664

This past weekend my husband and brother played in the WSOP circuit event in Tunica. To make a long story short, my husband got in through a satellite event Friday, played the first round Saturday, knocked out day two (Sunday), however, we had secured our room @ the Gold Strike for an additional night in case he stayed in the event.

He came back to the room after having his aces cracked and we took my Mom to lunch, sightseeing and played a few games, during this time the room was cleaned. I know the jewelry was in the room before it was cleaned as I saw the boxes when I was packing and my husband wore them Friday and Saturday in the  event. When we returned we finished packing and checked out.

Did not realize until we were back home Sunday night unpacking that his jewelry is missing. We called hotel security and a locked search was performed, NO JEWELRY! Called lost and found and the next morning the police department. We drove all the way back to Tunica yesterday to make a police report. Both pieces of jewelry are gifts from me to my husband and have sentimental value. The bracelet is sterling and engraved, the ring is a diamond and gold horseshoe ring.

I feel devastated; The ring is the nicest gift I've ever purchased for my husband and it is a Christmas gift from about ten years ago as a thank you for all the help and support he has given in helping take care of my Mom. He works very hard and has helped me take care of my chronically ill Mother for many years. We have been going to MGM properties for nearly 12 years and spent our honeymoon at MGM Grand in 2000. This situation breaks my heart in many ways.

To be fair, here are the positives:

Hotel Decor very nice
Room Decor very nice, bathrooms could use updating
Bed Coverings, nice
Personnel, friendly
Restaurants, Great
Casino, Nice but a bit crowded
Slot Promotions, Players club Personnel, nice, friendly
Grounds/Lobby, beautiful, well kept

The hotel could be a beautiful place to vacation so long as you do not leave valuables in your room.  Gold Strike has deals nearly every week on their website and the prices are very low for quality of the hotel.  If you play poker or the slots and have a players club you will receive offers through email and mail. 

 I will update this story when we hear more from the local police and security personnel @ Gold Strike.