Monday, February 20, 2012

JC Penny New Pricing: Free Hair Glossing and Deep Conditioning

This weekend is the first time I've been to JC Penny since they changed their pricing policy.  Although I miss the sales, the everyday low price on the first few items I checked are awesome.  My favorite  everyday tees were previously approx. $25,  now $7, and $5 on clearance, but they don't call it clearance anymore.

It will take a few trips to get accustom to the changes.  For now:

A.   "Everyday" low prices (reminiscent of Walmart)
B.   Month long values on certain items and even in the beauty shop
C.   Clearance: Although they don't use that terminology; these items have blue tags and are marked the first and third Friday of every month. 

As far as the salon, one of the specials this month is glossing for existing clients (Free Hair Glossing, Deep Conditioning Treatment or Facial Hair Removal with purchase of a Salon service of $30 or more)  woo hoo, I got partial highlights, hair cut, glossing and deep conditioning and the price was nearly 1/2 of what I usually pay.  Apparently all customers receive free gloss w/ color service this month free glossing @ JC Penny's with Color Purchase

Pricing for the entire store has been changed; so far so good.  Comments appreciated.

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