Wednesday, February 29, 2012

STOP STATE DEPARTMENT GIVEAWAY OIL RICH LANDS TO RUSSIA: STOP The Madness Save The Country, Get Out of Debt, Secure Our Country

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Hey, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, "IS ANYBODY OUT THERE": Send the Cloward-Piven Strategy packing. 

Stop the State Departments giveaway to Russia through a maritime boundary agreement between Alaska and Siberia which appears to place more than a half dozen Alaskan islands on the Russian side giving away perhaps as much as one hundred thousand square miles of oil rich seabeds which could mean billions of barrels of oil, energy independence and JOBS, JOB, JOBS for American Citizens.

In addition, stop China from having the opportunity to steal our oil, technology, violate our copyrights, sell unsafe food and drug products, poison our pets, etc. Stop supporting COMMUNISTS, get Americans back to work, pay back governmental debts to COMMUNISTS and never borrow from them again and get back to an agenda of American prosperity ahead of politically correct idiocracy.

Get out of debt, stay out of debt, secure our boarders, secure the future of our Country.


Update: Oil Rich Alaskan Island Giveaway Update Part II

Obama Giving Oil-Rich Alaskan Islands To Russia

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