Thursday, March 22, 2012

Publix "Cracking Down" on Couponers

Really, if you stick to the in weekly advertised BOGO items at Publix you could save 50% without cutting  coupons. If you are a frugal shopper you may cut coupons and use them on the sale and BOGO items and make great deals, however, a deal is not a deal unless you actually use the items so there is no need to shop like an extreme couponer purchasing X100 of an item just because it is free or nearly which could make you more of a hoarder.  Additionally, if you have dozens or hundreds of identical items on hand your meals are not going to have much variety.

Did our usual Wednesday grocery shopping last night at Publix.  We were informed that  corporate is "cracking down" on usage of coupons by an employee, (not the cashier) when the cashier was questioning so many of our deals.  Suppose this is understandable since some people try to emulate "extreme couponers" as seen on TV.

First problem I had was with on-item sticky coupons (there were two separate items that said purchase two Kellogg cereals and receive item for free) these were coupons that were stuck to the items (one was pop tarts, the other M&M's).  These are not items we would regularly purchase but since they were free and it is nice to have something other than whole food on hand I thought why not? The checker said that I could only use one or purchase four boxes of cereal???? It scanned but she voided it, confusing.....yes! One may not stick the coupons back on the products the next time you need (no that is a craving, or a want) these treats, so, what can you do?

The second item questioned was a BOGO,  purchase Olay facial soap or cleanser and receive ANY Olay body wash free.  The item photo is on the coupon, however, cashier apparently didn't think it was right because the body wash cost more than the soap.  It was legitimate, it scanned and she quit questioning it after I pointed out the wording and limitations (which is 4 per household per day)

The third item questioned was a BOGO on Swiffer (up to $9).  Buy ANY Swiffer starter kit get ANY swiffer free refill.  The starter kits (purchased the least expensive kits available) were about half of the amount of the refills.  Again, it was legitimate and scanned, again  she quit questioning the transaction after I pointed out the wording and limitations (which is 4 per household per day)

We love shopping at Publix and really like most of the employees  and try our best to be sure that our deals are legitimate, we do NOT clear shelves and even though their in store BOGO's are usually limited to 8 of each deal we usually only get one or two of each deal unless the items is something we actually need a larger quantity. 

Have any of you had similar experiences @ Publix lately? 

I think this type of hassle will deter some good customers from coming back and I doubt a little hassle will deter people who really try to cheat. 
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