Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here's What JCPenney Retail Employees REALLY Think Of CEO Ron Johnson

When JC Pennys rolled out the changes to their look and pricing it appeared to be a good change, but
as they have continued to take away perks for loyal customers and personnel I avoid the place
like the plague.

Interesting article regarding changes to JC Penny under new CEO Ron Johnson including
how employees feel in that regard.

Read more @ Business Insider

Hummm, lets see  frequent shopper program is gone, commissions gone, rumors are that middle management is disappearing, coupons gone, they have pissed off OMM (One million Moms) OMM boycott, taken away commissions, destroyed working environment for hair salon personnel (no commission) + quotas, and free services like once a week free hair cuts for kids (you know the people who come in for FREE haircuts are great tippers ;( ......... )  So long is Johnson is running/ruining the store I won't be back.  Whats to love, the perks are gone for customers, employees compensation cut.... just another miserable place to shop like the big box stores...... no thanks.

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