Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vanilla bean paste

The video above and the recipe and information below are from the website 
of Master Pastry Chef  I'm going to
attempt his recipe this week and will report back.  Thank you Master Pastry Chef for
sharing your recipes.  I highly recommend his website for easy to follow
yet wonderful recipes explained in a way that is not intimidating.  

Vanilla Bean PasteThe quality of Vanilla bean or extract or paste or essence you use can make or break the flavours of your custards cakes and desserts in general.  Alternatively using a quality extract or paste or bean can turn a basic crème anglaise, custard or ice cream
into a triumph. The way I have made my desserts consistently a winner is by
making my own Vanilla bean paste. It costs a fair bit but usually I will make
enough to last about a year so it is quite cost effective considering one bean will
cost around $6 or a 10gm jar of paste is around $10….

The key is by using the whole bean and boiling it and
allowing it to ferment over time your paste will become stronger and
stronger…..In fact the next time you do it you can use the ones from the previous
year and over time you paste is not only unique but potent…..
The most important thing is to use quality Vanilla
Beans…They should be moist and bendy and not dry….You should be able to bend
and twist them and not snap when bent. Contact your local bakery wholesaler or
look online you should be able to find quality beans in bulk quantity…Most
wholesalers are happy to sell you 250gm lots.

*Please note thatI have revised the recipe and increased the sugar and water as compared to the Video…use the recipe below and use the instructions in the video…Result is the same you will just get a little more mileage from the increase in sugar and water…If you followed the video don’t worry it will still taste great.

Ingredients                                                        Costings250 gms Vanilla Bean                                      $60
750 gms castor sugar                                      $1
750 mls water                                                    $.1
Juice half lime                                                    $.5
Costing comes to$61.60 depending on how cheap you can get your hands on some Vanilla beans.METHOD

  • Add sugar and water together and slowly bring to
  • the boil
  • Split each Vanilla Bean and scrape out the seeds
  • and add to the boiling syrup
  • Once all are scraped out cut the beans into
  • halves and add to the boiling mixture
  • Squeeze the lime juice into the mixture (this is
  • not for flavour as the acidity stops crystallisation)
  • Boil for five minutes and allow to cool…
  • Funnel into a nice bottle or jar for easy access.
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