Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product Placement and Entertainment

kim kardashian party

Photo credit:  Theme A Party

If one looks at American society through the lens of reality TV programming, many readily available sitcoms, and much of cable broadcasting one might say that morality is lacking and that vice is King. 

Hollywood, for a great extent is run by far left progressives thus much programming pokes fun at those with higher moral standards. Hollywood is far too political and many of those pushing their political agenda know very little about political science, much less the lives of the average citizen. They have found a captive audience, many of which don't realize they are pawns being fed a steady diet of Hollyweird ideology and embedded product placement and brand messages. 

Also, how about truth in advertising? Product placement is so well integrated that the distinction between editorial and advertisement is blurred. Perhaps the most susceptible are children who are not mature enough to recognize embedded brand messages which operate at perhaps a subconscious level. 

It is the world of make believe where the elites set up programming that suits their political agenda and pads their pockets, thus the girl or gal in the $2000 + shoes tells the girl or gal struggling to put food on the table that they are the problem with society, they need to give up more of their freedoms and $$ to an overreaching government while the elites pay lobbyists to insulate them.
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