Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Extreme Coupon Shows Giving Couponer A "Bad Name"

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When you tell someone you are a couponer many times the first comment is "like those couponers on Tv,"   and you are thinking something along the lines of H--- to the NO.  Then one may feel obliged to explain their coupon usage and still get "the stink eye."

As a group, maintaining the utmost integrity in our lives and especially in transactions I think we can live down this negative stereotype.  I read articles where some who have been shown on extreme shows are coached to make a huge haul for TV when in their everyday shopping excursions they do not empty the shelves.  I do not believe that most couponers are selfish wolves hungry to take all of the goodies for themselves.  On the contrary, most are stretching the family dollars and practicing good home economics.

Below referenced please find an article on restoring integrity and share it with anyone you know who may have fallen off the integrity bandwagon due to hyper exuberance after viewing too much reality couponing.

7 Steps for Restoring Integrity in Your Life

 Steps to Restore Integrity/Wholeness
  • Make a list of the 10 ways you are currently not in integrity
  • Get to the source of each and every item, resolve all fully
  • Make a commitment to start living in integrity, as you see it
  • Let go of at least 10 shoulds, coulds, woulds, oughts, and wills
  • Stop spending time with people who are not the best models
  • Eliminate adrenaline and other unhealthy “rushes” in your life
  • Let go of everything that you know is not good for you
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