Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Caregiver Tools, Hints, "Life Hacks" for the Holidays

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Found this awesome article this morning on regarding handling the extra stress that caregivers experience during the holidays and how to prepare for a more seamless season.  To read the entire article please click the link below.  Enjoy

"The holidays are a highly anticipated, but often stressful, season. For many, our financial, social, and physical demands increase significantly as the holidays rapidly approach. Buying gifts for others, entertaining guests, and making travel arrangements are common added responsibilities at this time of year. If you are a caregiver for a person with dementia, it may be difficult to juggle these additional tasks alongside your routine care provision.
Interactions with family members may add another layer of stress or possibly contention. Family members that visit for the holidays may be taken aback by the changes they observe in the person with dementia. They may be unsure of how to respond to the person with Alzheimer’s, and they may not use appropriate techniques. For others, suspicions that a family member has a memory loss disorder could be surfaced for the first time at a holiday gathering. Other issues, such as the person’s safety or whether he/she should be living alone, may not be addressed until the family comes together. Members of the family may disagree and conflict could ensue.
Little research has been done about caregiving during the holiday season, although it has been acknowledged by many as a uniquely stressful phenomenon. Below are some helpful hints on how to best prepare for and survive this special time of year. Happy Holidays everyone!
Prepare Family Members in Advance
The holidays are full of emotions, so it can help to let guests know what to expect before they arrive. Initiating the conversation early will also allow family members an opportunity to surface any questions or concerns they may have."

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