Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Hairstyle: Red and blond highlights

Being caregiver for Mother doesn't leave leisure time. Currently, getting out of the house to get my hair done is an event. Yesterday had hair styled/high and low lighted and went out to eat!  Hectic, but fantastic day.  Jason transferred Mom (currently he has to pretty much dead lift her from the bed) from her bed for her bath before going to work. I was able to get her clothes changed, breakfast and lunch prepared and served  (plus am and Mid-day meds), talked to her primary care and pharmacy, picked up the house, spread Mothers bed, walked Maxi, found a good show for Mother to watch and get in a mini workout by noon and out of the house @ 12:30 Woohoo!

After getting my hair styled stopped by the pharmacy, picked up a few Superbowl Sunday snacks & grocery staples, (haven't done a proper grocery trip but once in two months due to Mother's recurrent UTI's and accompanying loss of mental focus, loss of balance and beligerance) rushed home (as I have to transfer her every time she has to potty) transferred Mom to the potty, helped her with her hair, got her a snack, soaked the items she spilled juice on, walked Maxi, checked on the kitties,  next round of med's and settled in for her favorite evening shows.  Life hacks of the day were Mother losing her balance and having to hold her entire weight during transfers (life hack = properly balancing her weight differently because she has lost former gains due to the UTI's) and finding that Mother had hidden some of her med's in the newspaper (life hack = as kindly as gently as possible explained the gravity of missing doses of medication and consequences thereof.)  We have to watch out for this sort of sneaky negative behavior on a continuing basis and it is exhausting.  She had rolled the pills up in newspaper and stuck them down her pants..... REALLY!

The most important caregiver hack of the day is to keep going, take some time for self care even when the circumstances really get you down.  There are many days that I give into the pressure , social isolation and depressing circumstances and put off and/or cancel projects, self care and fun activities because the weight of caregiving, especially Mothers belligerent moods, recurring change of mental status and dealing with adult diapers, dumping the pot, etc. and then that "just one more thing" get to me. 

Time for a change; Brittney Leonard at Top Of The Block gave me blond and red highlights yesterday.  My wonderful, beautiful, sweet husband took me out to eat last night to showoff the new hairstyle, great day.  Blessed!  Jason is a wonderful husband and very understanding of the situation with Mother, we are in this together as with everything else in life.  Double Blessed!!

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