Monday, March 10, 2014

Surprise: Under Obamacare, States Can Seize Assets to Recoup Medicaid Expenses

Obamacare is just full of surprises, as more Americans are beginning to realize now that the law has been fully implemented.
If you’ve followed news about the Affordable Care Act, you know that the law dramatically expands Medicaid coverage by raising the qualifying income level to include tens of millions of Americans who, before Obamacare, made too much money to qualify; this is part of the massive wealth-transfer aspect of the law.
It turns out that there is much more wealth transfer taking place than previously believed, as reported by Fox News:
Tom Gialanella, 56, was shocked to find out he qualified for Medicaid under ObamaCare. The Bothell, Wash., resident had been able to retire early years ago, owns his home outright in a pricey Seattle suburb and is living off his investments.He wanted no part of the government’s so-called free health care. “It’s supposed to be a safety net program. It’s not supposed to be for someone who has assets who can pay the bill,” he said.
And after reading the fine print, Gialanella had another reason to flee Medicaid — the potential death debt.
Expanded coverage will lead to expanded fiscal confiscationMost Americans don’t realize it – because the government sure as heck isn’t telling anyone – but under Obamacare, states are allowed to recover the cost of healthcare from someone enrolled in Medicaid under provisions of the Affordable Care Act after they die by seizing their assets. It’s true.

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