Friday, June 17, 2016

How Ebates works: EASY EASY EASY, get paid for shopping, receive tons of free coupons $$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

How Ebates Works
Ebates "big Fat Checks"

Easy Easy Easy 

Simply CLICK here: Ebates to sign up for free and start earning. There is no cost to you involved.  

Piggy earning cash back all the way home


1) Its entirely free:  Simply go to ebates to sign up and start shopping, its as easy as that.
2) Browse and shop at more than 1700 affiliated online stores. Shopping Ebates nets users cash back rebates (as high as 40%) from 1700 major retailers.
3) Browse online stores from the Ebates partner list.  Each store lists its cash back percentage for shoppers, averaging approximately 3%-14% and look for double cash back opportunities, an example of which is below-listed!.   Shop at the store and get cash back, at the end of each quarter get your big FAT check!

  • Browse online stores from the Ebates partner list. Each store lists a cash back percentage to shoppers. Average cash back is from 4%-12% (we just saved 6% on some personal pampering at The Body Shop).

Ebates is the leader of online cash back shopping, paying members back every time they shop online as well as providing the best free coupons and deals. Since 1998 Ebates has paid over $325 million in cash to members!

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