Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Starbucks Fakeups! "29 DIY Starbucks Fakeup Hacks That Will Save You Tons Of Cash"

Starbucks Fakeups
29 DIY Starbucks Recipes That Will Save You Tons Of Cash

Courtesy of nutmegnanny

Homemade Starbucks Pink Drink

This homemade Starbucks pink drink gives you all the flavor of the store bought drink without all the cost of a store bought drink. Plus you can customize how much sweetness you desire. You'll love how fresh this drink tastes!
yield: 2-3 DRINKS


in a 2 cup glass measuring cup add unwrapped tea packets. Pour hot water over the packets and let sit until cool. Squeeze out tea packets and toss.
Pour white grape juice into the measuring cup with the tea.
Fill a glass with ice and add about 1 cup of the tea/grape juice mixture. Top off with the desired amount of coconut milk.
Add in sliced strawberries and add in sweetener if desired. -- Courtesy nutmegnanny

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